configuration for dekstop and place to buy ?

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asked Jan 27, 2016 in computer hadware by pawan arora  ‚óŹ 1
Suggest me a good configuration for dekstop pc to run analysis & modelling softwares like ansys,solidworks etc & also dont want to look for upgradation till 5-6yrs after purchasing this one & also suggest me trusted place frm where to buy at a good reasonable price & satisfactory service availability.

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answered Jan 27, 2016 by prasanna (4,830 points)  

Dear pawan arora,

                                  The configuration depends highly on you budgets that you  are setting aside.if possible let me know the maximum budget.

but still i am suggesting you the best available in the market . 

Motherboard: Intel haswell  DH87RL

Processor:  i7 4770 4TH GEN

Ram: 8GB  this can be 4 gb each ram sticks 

the above configuration with this three components will cost * around 33000.

you can put your budget in the comment section and register yourself for further communication regarding configuration 

for registering yourself  follow this link

Thank you 


commented Jan 28, 2016 by prasanna (4,830 points)  
suggest me cpu configuration for the mentioned hardwares  (Processor,motherboard,ram,hardisk,cabinet with smps) , my budget is upto 25000rs &  am looking for such a configuration dat shuld not need upgradation for next 5-6yrs & also suggest me good place to buy it from where i can get it at a good reasonable price with good service.
commented Jan 28, 2016 by prasanna (4,830 points)  
Processor = i3 - IVY 3rd gen    i3 - 3220 / 3.3 GHz    3M Cache, 3.3 GHz    7850
Motherboard = GIGABYTE H61M-WW    16x,*,L / Vga                            3700
RAM  =  DDR3 4 GB                                                                                                   1150
HDD (HARD DISK ) = 500 GB -                                                                                2900
Lite-on    DVD-Writer                                                                                                    875
Moniter = SAMSUNG 22"-LS22D310HY    LED : HDMi + VGA    ------              8100
CABINET (I BALL OR ANY ) =                                                                                   1500

i have mentioned the price also that is as on 28 jan 2016 in mumbai

the price may vary about rs1500 less or more
commented Jan 28, 2016 by prasanna (4,830 points)  
RJ COMPUTERS --Shop No.157, Ground Floor, B-Wing, Vashi Plaza, Sector-17, Vashi
Phone:075062 25863

RSP COMPUTERS--Shop No 30/ 53, Welfare Chambers, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400703, Near Arenja Corner contact number +(91)-22-38522867 ( here you can tell my name for purchasing)