Features of sentora panel

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Multi-client environment

Sentora is designed to host and manage multiple clients on a single server, this is known as a 'shared' hosting environment. Each client can login and manage their web hosting via. our fully customisable control panel.

Quota management

Sentora enables the user to create and manage any number of services such as mailboxes and domains, we provide the tools to enable you to set quotas on both bandwidth and creation of services.

Integrate with the API

With our modular approach taken to our API you can connect your corporate web site or billing system directly to Sentora. The API enables a seamless link for third-party applications and sites.

Want modules?

If you are looking to extend the functionality of Sentora then look no further than our 'App store', We provide a simple platform where module developers can publish their modules and Sentora users can 'single click' install them.


Sentora provides the ability for you to offer 'reseller' accounts enabling your clients to resell your hosting in a 'white-label' environment.

Brand it your way!

Sentora provides its own template system enabling you to download custom themes or even make your own enabling you to brand your control panel to your company.

Speaking your language

Sentora is used all over the globe and although our team speak English we provide translations packs for almost every language!

Community grown

We actively promote members of the community getting involved so if you've got an idea, found a bug or have an improvement you would like us to implement let us know!